Welcome to SyslogAppliance

SyslogAppliance is a ready to run logging system which can be deployed right "out of the box". Just plug it into any VMWare environment and enjoy receiving log messages from a variety of sources, including Routers, Firewalls and even Windows event logs. It is a great troubleshooting, reporting, analysis and capacity planning tool.

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What's New?

SyslogAppliance 1.0.0 final has been released on August 11th! SyslogAppliance is a full featured, preconfigured logging system which satisfies even long- established administrators. Assure yourself of the convenience and the capabilities of Adisconís SyslogAppliance.

SyslogAppliance 0.0.6 has been released on January, 26th. It offers a new automatic database cleanup option and includes the most recent version (2.5.23) of phpLogcon. Also, an upgrade of the base operating system has been done. The version is still based on a uniprocessor kernel. A multiprocessor version is in the works.

Compatible Platforms

SyslogAppliance works on top of the widely known VMWare virtualization solutions. All important VMWare versions are supported, including the free VMWare player, VMWare ESX server and other VMWare server products.

About SyslogAppliance

SyslogAppliance provides gathering of syslog messages from different devices. The data received can be searched, analyzed, graphed and being reported on. Windows event log support is available via the optional EventReporter component. The system is set up in multi-user mode where different users can have different defaults and permissions. SyslogAppliance includes tools that connect to online resources that enable you to do important lookups quickly and help solve problems seen in the logs quickly. SyslogAppliance comes preconfigured with rsyslog and phpLogCon, two top-notch logging applications. All of this is provided on top of a slim Debian Linux operating system.