Contacting the makers of SyslogAppliance

Do you have any questions not answered on these pages? Or any questions not directly related to SyslogAppliance itself but rather the web site, licensing conditions or anything else? Please do not be hesitant to contact us. We are real people and we love to hear from you! SyslogAppliance is brought to you by Adiscon, a privately held German company with lots of experience and insight into syslog and log processing in general.

About Adiscon

Adiscon is a privately held German corporation founded in 1986. Adiscon provides software solutions and offers custom consulting. We have strong Windows and Linux knowledge and in-depth understanding of logging requirements and capabilities. Adiscon is a proud sponsors of the phpLogCon and rsyslog projects. Rsyslog is the default syslogd on many Linux platforms.

On-site custom consulting is available both locally in Germany as well as on a world-wide basis for sufficiently large projects. Adiscon also offers several services over the Internet, for example via SSH "dial-in".

Visit the company homepage at for additional information.

Adiscon Contacts

Adiscon can be contacted via email at or via phone at +49-9349-929237.

Complete contact information, including physical address, is available at Adiscon's main site.

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