SyslogAppliance Demo

The best way to demo is to acutally download SyslogAppliance, put it onto any VMWare system and run it. SyslogAppliance is a truly plug and play system which works out of the box. If your time is too limited to do even that, you can view a web demo of phpLogCon, SyslogAppliance's primary analysis user interface.

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Web Demo

The primary log searching and analysis user interface is provided by phpLogCon, an open source project brought to you by the developers of SyslogAppliance. We suggest to look at that project's online demo in order to get a good impression of what SyslogAppliance will offer. To do so, please access

Demoing locally

If you have a VMWare environment at hand, no matter what it is, you can simply download SyslogAppliance, plug it into your VMWare and demo "the real thing". There is no need to configure anything, you need to log into the appliance once. It will tell you it's DHCP-assigned IP address. You point your browser to that address, you are ready to go. A really no-hassle setup, just like it should be with a plug and play appliance!